OaSharp (OpenAPI Sharp)

An OpenAPI / Swagger C# REST server code generator and hosting .NET standard library | 5/21/2020

My first attempts with C# server code generation for OpenAPI failed catastrophically. The generated c# server code produced by https://editor.swagger.io put me right into dependency and deprecation hell. I had to install several gigabytes of ASP.NET core and .NET core libraries just to find out that the generated code was targeting a framework which is not supported anymore. Furthermore, VS2019 was pretty buggy handling these project types and had no nuget support.

I just wanted a lightweight solution for a simple HTTP REST server in C# supporting a simple JSON schema. Here it is: https://bitbucket.org/besting-it/oasharp

OaSharp is an OpenAPI / Swagger 3.x REST server .NET standard library and code generator which requires only minimal dependencies and is easy to use.

Randomeal (.NET)

A small .NET standard library implementing a randomized genetic algorithm and self-adjusting simulated annealing | 1/22/2020

Randomeal is a small .NET standard library which implements a simplified genetic algorithm using randomization and self-adjusting simulated annealing for converging quickly to desired results. It can be used for estimating result vectors for differerent mathematical problems where suitable fitness functions can be defined.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


BigDecimal (.NET)

An arbitrary large (or small) decimal number implementation for .NET | 8/3/2019

BigDecimal represents a decimal number with arbitrary precision. It is based on a fraction using two BigInteger types.

BigDecimal supports parsing, culture invariant string output, type conversions and explicit and implicit casts. All standard operators for basic operations and comparison are implemented as well.
BigDecimal is easily extensible using the public numerator (N) and denumerator (D) properties for adding complex math operations.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


NanoNet - simple Java neural network library

Using backpropagation and sigmoid activation function. | 4/14/2019

NanoNet is a very simple Java neural network library using backpropagation and sigmoid activation function. I wrote the code a while ago for educational purposes.


Java async/await nonblocking code library

Write sequential style nonblocking code using a fixed threadpool with Async-Complete for Java | 4/1/2019

Async-Complete (aka Async-Await) is a library for writing asynchronous code in a more sequential style. It provides executing async, background and event-based code using a bounded or unbounded thread pool, unchecked exception handling and easy scheduling and cancelling of (recurring) tasks.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


SDCLib/J contribution fork

Contributing to IEEE 11073 SDC Family java webservice stack | 2/2/2019

As former main author of the official project in my last job at SurgiTAIX AG, I will maintain this fork to implement the newest features and bugfixes for research and testing purposes. Via pull requests I will contribute my work to the official project.

For more information, please refer to https://bitbucket.org/besting-it/sdclibcontrib/src/

LambdaLink - Distributed INotifyPropertyChanged events for .NET

.NET webservice library | 2/2/2019

LambdaLink is a small library for propagating .NET INotifyPropertyChanged events over network connections. Licensed under The MIT License.

Version 1.0 is out, For source code and documentation refer to https://bitbucket.org/besting-it/lambdalink/src/

jReflectServer 2.0

New version released | 1/4/2017
jReflectServer (formerly jReflect) has been updated. Version 2.0 allows distributed code execution on a cluster of server nodes. The "master server" randomly forwards requests to the cluster. No special code is needed.

jReflect: lightweight java web-server & -framework


jReflect is a very small & lightweight java web-server and -framework for creating (distributed) pure java web applications.

It has been released as open source under the MIT license.

Go to the project page, or download diretlcy from sourceforge.


Get webpage contents with high-speed despite low bandwidth connection | 2/23/2014

RoadReader is an online proxy HTML-Reader with the goal of tranferring a minimal amount of data with high-speed while preserving most of the readable information. It can be used to surf the web using ultra-low bandwidth connections (e.g. bad mobile connections).


  • Requested webpages are read out on the RoadReader server using an HTTP client
  • Processing
    •  HTML is cleaned from any junk & media
    • Useful information is extracted & content is reformatted (optimized for common news pages)
    • All hyperlinks are adjusted to refer back to the RoadReader server
  • The final HTTP response is compressed using gzip with respect to RFC 2616


The server has been shut down for the time being.



Tiny C++ garbage collection helper library | 1/5/2014

SimpleRAII is a tiny garbage collection helper class that eases the use of the RAII idiom (Resource Acquisition Is Initialization).

I released it some time ago, find out more!



100% Java player for the soma fm web radio | 1/4/2014

jSomaPlayer has been released: it is an open source pure java player for the soma fm web radio.

I wrote it to build a WiFi radio using a Raspberry Pi, so the player software needed to be able to run in command-line mode. The plan was to get the radio casing a kind of retro look. Since a display (showing stream and title info) would just have looked bad, jSomaPlayer can be queried and controlled remotely from anywhere in the network - with a GUI of course.

If you like to know more about jSomaPlayer, click hereOr go directly to the sourceforge page.


Pictures of the WiFi radio

Link to soma fm

SomaFM commercial free internet radio

Coffeearc Archiver


Technologien: Java, Swing, XML, Datenkompression, AES Verschlüsselung, Multithreading

Coffeearc ist ein Multiformat Archiver, der im Rahmen eines privaten Projekts enstand, um experimentelle Kommandozeilen Kompressionstools sehr einfach als Plugins einzubinden und damit mehr Funktionalität und Benutzerfreundlichkeit im Sinne eines vollwertigen Archivertools zu schaffen. Experimentelle Kompressionstools können häufig nur einzelne Dateien packen und entpacken. In Verbindung mit Coffeearc bieten sich jedoch ohne größeren Aufwand viele weitere Features, sobald das Tool eingebunden ist. Dies geschieht durch erstellen einer sehr einfachen XML Spezifikation.

Mehr Information gibt es hier.

Coffeearc ist ein Open-Source Projekt und wurde unter GPL Lizenz veröffentlicht. Mehr Infos unter: http://forge.camijo.de/projects/show/coffeearc



Technologien: Java, Applets, KI Algorithmus

Bei einer meiner ersten kleinen privaten Projekte ging es um die Implementierung des bekannten Spiels Reversi, bei dem gegnerische „Steine“ übersprungen werden, die dann dem jeweiligen Spieler zugeordnet werden.

Der Spieler hat die Möglichkeit, gegen den Computer bzw. gegen die KI anzutreten, die einen nächsten Zug anhand einer einfachen Bewertungsfunktion für Spielfeldpositionen bestimmt. Ziel dabei ist es, vorausschauend möglichst an einem Punkt im Spiel die Ecken zu erreichen. Aus allen dafür günstigen Positionen, wird diejenige ausgewählt, die die meisten „Steine“ überspringt.



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OaSharp (OpenAPI Sharp)
An OpenAPI / Swagger C# REST server code generator and hosting .NET standard library | 5/21/2020

My first attempts with C# server code generation for OpenAPI failed catastrophically. ... Read More

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