DocuCast - instant file backups

Please note that DocuCast is not maintained anymore. You can still download, but don't expect it to work properly (yes, software ages...).

DocuCast is a (distributed) real time file revision and backup system for use in private and professional environments. DocuCast stores documents and other files quickly after they have changed in a database. Every revision of a file can be restored later - no more accidently overwrites!

Notification upon file backup


  • Instant backups on file change
  • Simple revision management
  • Allows comments
  • Easy search functions (timespan, filenames or comments)
  • Windows shell integration (see screenshot below)
  • Manual backups by drag & drop
  • Compression & password encryption
  • MD5 checksums
  • Recurrent integrity checks

Explorer shell integration (view all revisions with one click)

How DocuCast works

Whenever a file is created or modified, a file event will be raised. Such events are caught by DocuCast and analyzed with respect to the current configuration. In this configuration you can specify the rules for handling these events, which means, saving copies of the files of interest.

Open & preview every revision before restore

When DocuCast is installed, a default configuration will be used which targets common document files like Microsoft Office or OpenOffice files stored anywhere in the user’s home path. The configuration can be quickly adjusted to your needs (e.g. you can add more file extensions or locations to watch).
DocuCast stores these files in a local, embedded database. A certain percentage of free disc space will be used on the same computer where DocuCast is installed (default is 5%), to keep as many file revisions as possible. Saving copies in a custom path is possible, too.

Distributed backups in the LAN

Storing files only on the same computer might not be safe enough. That’s why DocuCast can be quickly extended up to a client-server network, where DocuCast instances exchange files between each other in the local network. Due to these redundant backups, even in case of a computer failure, data won’t be lost. Instances can be started at any time. The migration tasks needed for this will take place automatically. There is no need to provide any IP addresses. All instances find each other using multicast discovery.

Download free trial

DocuCast is shareware, so please distribute it! You may test DocuCast for 14 days. After that, you'll need to enter a license key for further usage (see the Help menu).

DocuCast is available for Windows 7, 8.x & 10 (32 and 64 bit). A Java runtime is required (32 or 64 Bit).

Download the current version (1.1_00, windows installer). Take a look into the user guide.

Click here to purchase a license key (5.49 $).