• Application Development
  • Web Development and Webservices
  • Corporate software solutions
  • Consulting


  • SOA technologies
    • Programming of webservices or -clients (e.g. REST, SOAP, WSDL)
    • Development of distributed applications
  • Business software
    • Customer relationship management software (CRM such as vtiger)
    • Database applications
    • Reengineering of legacy applications
  • Research and developement
    • Ultra-fast developement of prototyping applications and mockups
    • Integration and test of existing prototype software components
    • Automated testing
  • Other priorities
    • Development of user interfaces (e.g. Swing / SWT, Windows Forms / WPF)
    • Special application logic within a website
    • Development of algorithms (e.g. signal processing, statistics, numerical methods)


  • Java, .NET (C#, C++/CLI), C/C++
  • PHP, HTML / CSS, JSP/Servlets, Javascript


NanoNet - simple Java neural network library
Using backpropagation and sigmoid activation function. | 4/14/2019

NanoNet is a very simple Java neural network library using backpropagation and sigmoid ... Read More

Java async/await nonblocking code library
Write sequential style nonblocking code using a fixed threadpool with Async-Complete for Java | 4/1/2019

Async-Complete (aka Async-Await) is a library for writing asynchronous code in a more ... Read More

SDCLib/J contribution fork
Contributing to IEEE 11073 SDC Family java webservice stack | 2/2/2019

As former main author of the official project in my last job at SurgiTAIX AG, I will maintain ... Read More

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