Open Source

Active developement

  • IEEE11073 SDC Family software
    • SharpDC - a portable, lightweight, open-source .NET standard library for implementing IEEE 11073 SDC Family devices (GPL).
    • SDCLib/J contrib - a contribution fork of SDCLib, a pure java IEEE 11073 SDC Family compatible API (GPL).
    • SdcApiSpec - a language agnostic REST API description for using the IEEE 11073 SDC communication protocol (Apache 2).
    • SdcApiSharp - a C# library for the IEEE 11073 SDC Family REST API (Apache 2).
  • ​HttpIot - a truly portable, zero-dependency, lightweight .NET standard http server (Apache 2).
  • OaSharp - an OpenAPI / Swagger 3.x REST server .NET standard library and code generator (Apache 2).
  • ChunkedList - a custom C# list designed to provide more efficient operations for specific use cases (Apache 2).

Deep maintenance

  • Java Async-Complete - async/await for Java: write sequential style nonblocking code using a fixed threadpool (Apache 2).
  • Randomeal -  a small library implementing a genetic algorithm with self-adjusting simulated annealing (Apache 2).
  • LambdaLink - a webservice library for propagating .NET INotifyPropertyChanged events over network connections (MIT license).
  • BigDecimal - an arbitrary small (or large) decimal number implementation for .NET (Apache 2).
  • NanoNet - a very simple Java neural network library using backpropagation and sigmoid activation function (Apache 2).


  • jReflectServer - a lightweight java web-server and -framework (MIT license).
  • Coffeearc - an open source archiver for experimental command-line compression tools (GPL).
  • SimpleRAII - a lightweight C++ garbage collection helper library (BSD).

Commercial products

  • Beatstrab Music Album Grabber - recording tool to create personal music backup copies.

End of life (not maintained anymore)

  • RoadReader - surf the web using ultra low bandwith connections.
  • YADS - Yet Another DPWS Stack is a fork of the WS4D JMEDS webservice stack (EPL).
  • jSomaPlayer - a pure java player for the soma fm web radio (, GPL). Note: Project deleted.
  • vTiger-software and -modules (extern available)
  • Commercial products

External available products

  • Procalysis® - a data aquirement, -analysis and -organization software package focussing on bio-psycho-social aspects (link).

The above listed "external" products have been created in the context of assignments and are not offered by Besting-IT